Bona fide representatives of the foreign press, radio, film, or other foreign information media, who seek to enter the U.S. solely to engage in such vocation may be admitted to the U.S. for that purpose.

We assist companies, employees, and their accompanying relatives in preparing the paperwork, and coordinate matters between employer and employee. We guide the parties through decisions regarding the appropriate employer/employee relationship, necessary contracts, job duties, financial requirements, extensions of stay, and the eventual change from a temporary “I” visa to another visa, appropriate. We represent the parties before the INS the foreign U.S. consulate.

The I Visa Is Outlined Below.

I visas are available for persons acting as representatives of foreign press, radio, film, or other foreign information media, who have their “home office” in a foreign country, and will be engaged in news gathering activities in the U.S. You are also eligible under this category if you: 1) will be engaged in the production or distribution of film and/or video of an informational or educational nature; 2) are a free lance journalist with a credential issued by a professional journalistic organization working under contract in the U.S. to produce information or news; 3) are an employee of a government-related foreign tourist bureau which disseminates factual tourist information; 4) are an employee of an office which distributes technical industrial information. Representatives of promotional trade missions engaged in commercial/economic activities are excluded from this category.

I Visa Privileges:

• You can come to the U.S. and work legally for a foreign-based media company.
• Visas may be issued to accompanying relatives.
• Visas are available for essential support personnel of press representatives, as well as independent production companies, such as reporters, film crews, and video tape editors.
• You may travel freely in and out of the U.S. for the term of the visa.
• You do not have to prove that you intend to return to your home country residence when your business in the U.S. is completed.

I Visa Prerequisites and Restrictions:

• You must prove that you are a duly accredited employee or representative of: 1) a bona fide foreign media company, 2) an independent production company, 3) a government tourist bureau, or 4) an organization which distributes industrial or technical information.
• Your work must be related to news and information; those seeking to engage in commercial entertainment and advertising are excluded.
• Non-essential support personnel, such as proofreaders, may not qualify for the I visa.
• You are obligated to work only for the U.S. employer who petitioned for your I visa.
• The I visa will be issued for the term of employment.