Our law firm provides professional services covering a broad spectrum of specialty practice areas within immigration law. We work with you to evaluate your needs and recommend the most appropriate and practical solutions. As your corporate structure or family immigration needs change over time, we can provide the expertise to achieve your goals.

U.S. Immigration and Visas: Our U.S. immigration and visa services include preparation of all temporary and permanent visa petitions and applications, strategic planning advice, program support, overall immigration orientation and guidance, and counseling on employment, corporate, and family-related issues. We provide strategic advice and representation to employees, professionals, specialty workers, students, exchange visitors, artists, models, entertainers, multinational employers, startup companies, trade associations, asylum seekers, families and others in obtaining the benefits available under the U.S. Immigration and Nationality laws and regulations.

In-House Program Support: We provide support and follow-up that is tailored to suit the needs of any company, employee, or family. We assist clients in planning in a way that best suites their employment and family goals and objectives.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Expansions and Restructurings: We work with clients involved in mergers, acquisitions, expansions, restructurings or any diversification activity to efficiently address related immigration issues. We help to ensure that the employer and all of its employees are adequately protected from the potential legal effects that the immigration laws may have in a changing corporate structure.

Foreign Visas: We assist clients in obtaining foreign visas and work authorization for employees assigned outside the United States. These services are supported by a network of experts throughout the world.